The App

Morse Clock is time, written in an universal language. Morse Clock provides an unique view of time – in Morse Code.

At first glance, it looks just like dots and lines. Master the code and the Morse Clock is as easy as the dials on your wrist watch. Hours, minutes and seconds, side by side.

Morse Clock is a stylish and modern timepiece. Install the app, put your device in a dock and you have a new accessory for your home or office.

Features: am/pm, 24 hr, seconds in Pantone Color of the year, changeable in the app and a quick guide how to decode Morse Clock.

Morse Clock is available for both iPhone and iPad.

The Screensaver

Install the free Morse Clock OS X screensaver and your idle moments will be transformed to a well designed clock, encoded in morse code. Follow each second on your display, chance is you won't get back to work.

Let your computer sleep. Download the Morse Clock screensaver.